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  • Taking education to the next level!!
  • Educeapp is the answer to the best school management solution
    With Advanced Technologies
  • We provides multi level interfaces
  • Educeapp! The awe schooling!
    Students are branded by
    their schools and
    schools are branded by Educeapp
Taking education to the next level!!

Technology is everywhere. Can we think a day without internet? Can we think a day without a call to our loved ones? Its almost a part of our culture now. Then let’s use it to have a better tomorrow. As we say Children of today are tomorrow’s citizens. That’s why here we present the EDUCE APP. Let’s ‘Bring out’ a better tomorrow. Lets’ grow up with technology. Education is the one of very few things people cannot take away. So, its worth for the best technology , Investment and time. Integrating technology in education helps students to stay up to date and learn the best.

Our Advantages

Creative freedom matters user experience, we minimize the gap between technology and its audience.


Parents gets an alert as a voice call or a message , if their child is absent for the day .It helps the parents to be assure about their kids are safe or take any immediate action if needed.


Students can have an up to date learning sessions by using the app. They don’t miss any class and can avoid the knowledge gap even if they are absent for a day.


Online fees payment can be done by parents and it will be transferred directly to School’s account.


Everything you read fills your head with new bits of information. Digital library helps students to refer materials for their assignments and projects. Also, students can bring out the habit of reading which helps them growing mentally.


Gallery will be filled with the photographs of the events, programs, Sports day etc held at school.


There will be separate log in for teachers, students and parents. Teachers can be connected with students and parents. Students can be connected with teachers and Parents can be connected with teachers.


Parents will be alerted with Exam dates, absence of students, fee payments, Upcoming holidays, events etc.


Parents can track the schools vehicle to which the kid is boarded. It brings a tight security of the kids and can connect with the transport authorities immediately if anything mess out is noticed.


Parents can give their comments, and reviews on the performance of their kid to the class teacher. Also can bring the attention of the teacher if they need to complaint on anything with regards to the academic growth of their child.

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Grow with Technology / Be smart with EDUCE / Students First / We care about Students / We together for them /  


To connect both parents and students with teachers by using the advanced technology and bring out the best of students to build a better tomorrow.